Bureau 42 Geek Test – Comics

The next two Bureau 42 Geek tests are ready, looking at Marvel (http://bit.ly/shJs5i) and DC (http://bit.ly/s2qUO9) comics specifically. Please complete, and by all means, share! As always, using the unique identifiers will help me out. I plan to have 8-10 initial geek test categories, and I will then try to model results on all of them combined. This would be much, much easier if I could connect responses on one test with another. Also, as always, please complete each test only once and to the best of your ability.

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  1. Well, I pretty much bombed them. Not intentionally of course. My comic knowledge is weak.

    Hope the info is good for you!

  2. The hardest part with these preliminary tests is getting the correct spread of difficulty levels. When I wrote the “Star Trek” test, I researched a number of the questions, and still ended up with a bunch of people getting 100%, which makes the questions really difficult to norm. With this one, I tried for a spread of easy, medium and hard, writing the questions off the top of my head without research. The results are more in line with easy, hard, and damn near impossible. Nobody has scored lower than 20%, every respondent has gotten question 1 correct so far (out of 54), and the highest score is 80%. There appears to be a huge “random guess” element in a few of these. (I honestly though that Shogun Warriors would be the difference between 95% and 100% for a few people.)

    I’ll post an analysis of these tests later this week. After that, we might hold off on new tests until I’ve got full software available. I’m thinking of of either cloud-based or downloadable software that remembers your history locally, has an opt-in “share minimum data needed for norming” option, and allows the database of questions to be increased over time. I should hopefully be able to set up across-test norming as well. I’ll keep our readers up to date.

    In the meantime, please share these with all of the comics geeks you know!

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