Star Trek vs. AIDS: Then and Now

hossman writes, There’s an interesting little article talking about this week’s episode of Enterprise, how it addresses AIDS, and the 1987 Star Trek script addressing the same issues, but never got made.

Credit to Sci-Fi Today where I saw this link.)

3 replies on “Star Trek vs. AIDS: Then and Now”

  1. Daemonik says:

    Considering the number of mind melds that Kirk and Spock had, and considering that it’s on a level with a sexually transmitted disease to the Vulcans, I guess Kirk and Spock really were gay.

    Crap, how low can this show sink?

  2. Jackolantern says:

    best eterprise episode ever
    Maybe this will convince Braga to ditch all the puff and non-since that involves the "temporal cold war" and do some more timely material. Next weeks could be good too, I always liked the vulcan-andorian conflict.


    • Joey_Cavalier says:

      Re: best eterprise episode ever
      I agree, it was a good episode, except, I actually enjoyed the temporal cold war I hope they don’t start misuseing it like Voyagers twisted time travel episodes. The one thing I want to see most is more of the Vulcan-Andorian conflict. season 2 was off to a slow start (except for the 1st episode of the season) I hope they don’t do any more episodes like carbon creek or Dear Doctor. There is a lot of room for intresting episodes dealing with the Vulcans I hope there are more episodes like that.

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