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  1. Dissapointing
    I was dissapointed in this episode. Although it wasn’t bad, it also was very predictable, something unexpected from Angel or Buffy. Although there is a bit of suspense over who was the thief, I think most of us could make a guess and be right.

  2. A Letdown But Still Solid
    I thought last week’s episode was just excellent in that they had me at least actually believing that they were taking the proverbial left turn at Albequerque, ending the apocalypse and giving us the rest of the season with just Angelus as the villain which – I thought at least – could have worked.

    As the subject line says, this week was indeed kind of a letdown, but I think that’s to be expected after we were run through the happy “we’re all a team again and we’re beating the big bad” roller coaster that was last week’s episode. This week marked a return to a plot that’s longer in developing but hopefully more satisfying in the end. Are Wesley and Gunn going to kill each other? Will Cordy and Angel (assuming he gets his soul back) be able to “get physical” at any point? Is Conner going to waste Angelus now that he has the chance? Who stole the soul (the obvious suspect is Conner which I think means it isn’t him and I think will mark the return of the remnants of Wolfram&Hart) and will Angel make it back (natch)? I also expected it to be a bit slow since Angelus loves to talk and the team doesn’t know him like him the Buffy team did.

    Again, a letdown from the previous week, but a letdown with a purpose. It’s always darkest before the dawn…and then Joss kills somebody. :)

  3. I have a problem…
    I don’t wish to make myself unpopular or start a flame war, but most of the comments I have read on this site tend to be negative. With Enterprise this is understandable, but I think this season of Angel is the best by a long way. The only episodes I enjoyed this much were the ones set in Pylea. Soulless was a fantastic episode all round with some great performances. The Wesley and Lilah storyline kicks arse.

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