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  1. About that crew…
    When did Andromeda get a crew full of Ninja’s? And shouldn’t Ninja’s have made short work of the invader?

    Also, when Dillon opened the slipstream ejection doors while in the slipstream, wouldn’t that be what is refered to as a ‘bad thing’? Not that exposing the interior of his ship to the vagueries of an extra-dimensional space would be cause for alarm….

    (Just in case someone feels like suggesting that their might have been an energy barrier, such a barrier surely would have prevented the rather cheesy portrayal of the chamber venting it’s atmosphere into space.)

  2. Future Girl
    The fact that Trance tried a different sequence specifically in order to find out what [AnonymousBadGuy #43567] intended, suggests that her future-power is more than just calculating probabilities. She had faith in the reality of her scenarios even though she had incomplete information on the intuder, which would make direct prediction-calculations unreliable. That means that in each of her scenarios she is actually interacting with the outside world (in this case, the badguy) in order to learn what would really happen. No wonder she is confused about the Reality of her chosen path…

    BTW, her remarks before the final scenario were a bit silly. How was she “trusting in Dylan” any more than in the other scenarios? She still intervened by giving him specific information & instruction at a specific time. After the near-success of the next-to-last sequence, I thought the ‘jump back to slipstream immediately’ option should have been obvious.

  3. New crew??
    Not only do we now have ninja red-shirt security guys for canon fodder, but we have slilpstream techs to get slaughtered in the engine room?

    When did this happen? and why don’t the main cast have to wear commonwealth uniforms?

  4. It’s all a dream….
    I’m beginning to think that this whole season is going to be all a dream or some stupid nonsense like that. I mean with the “just add water” commonwealth and the “where the did they come from” security and all.

  5. ..
    The impression I got was that they have no budget now and therefore now will depend on using the same shots over, and over, and over again to fill an hour of broadcast tv.

  6. Always look forward… to something else?
    Okay, this is not a show I usually watch but I do like what they have done with the character of Trance Gemini in the few episodes I have. Then again, that actress is just darned cute to me. The subtle method they had introduced the characters influence I enjoyed as well. This story was an intersting study of a being who can visit and examine possible futures so as to help the crew survive.

    Mind you, I too had problems with several story points others have already mentioned. Tiers neck crick forced a guffaw from me. His pulling a knife on an armored opponent forced a chuckle. Trusting Captain Hunt as a solution sounded like a last minute rewrite more than a serious part of the story. Couldn’t she visit that possibility as well?

    I was hoping to see a story that gives us the effort a being such as trance undergoes to give that important remark that helps the crew survive. What I got from it was the idiotic ending that showed that Dillion Hunt could do no wrong even without her aid.

    – Sheesh! –

  7. poor editting
    Is it just me? Or, in the scene from around half way through the episode, where Harper is saying “did we invite somebody onboard”, is there some cameraman or stage hand standing halfway in the frame on the left hand side? I don’t know who in the show it could’ve supposed to have been. From the back it looked to be a woman’s haircut…

    • Re: poor editting
      By the way if anybody happens to have a tape of that episode send a screenshot of that stagehand so I know I didn’t imagine it.

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