3 replies on “Charmed Discussion – “Dreamspell””

  1. I try to watch this show.
    But, in all honesty, I can’t. It’s got a great idea, premise, etc. But it seems that every episode recently has been an attempt to put the charmed ones in a close to sexy/very sexy scene but no clothes come off.

    So, If you’re going to bother with those plots, might as well take the damn clothes off. Otherwise it’s just stupid and the WAC (wife acceptance factor) goes way down.

  2. Shortchanged
    I thought they shortchanged Leo’s part in the story: “oh, I felt a kick, I’m all better now”. I think this one should have been a two parter so they could really delve into the issues the characters were all having — it could have been a great episode instead of an average one.

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