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  1. I hope this show is going somewhere.
    I hope I’m not alone when I say that I saw that “Sixth Sense” homage coming from a mile away. In fact, I was hoping they wouldn’t go there the whole episode cause there was a big lack of continuity of just what the dead can do.

    I want to like this show. It has a lot going for it; the visual style, the subject matter, and the characters are endearing. But it has to get itself free of the X-Files trap. It was somewhere around the fifth season of X-Files that I realized that there was no big picture, no underlying story, no ground shaking revolutionary event about to take place. The writers were just making it up as they went along. With this show dangling the apocalypse in our faces, it has the chance to show more than the “evil is among us” theme. Instead of going the way of Millennium, it has the opportunity to go somewhere new. This last episode, while interesting, went nowhere.

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