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  1. Cool
    This episode was pretty cool. The ending especially as it showcased the infinite number of ways that a group of people can affect each other’s lives without realizing it.

    I’m not sure how long the series can/will drag out the end of the world arc (if the x-files is an example, pretty damn long) but more episodes like this will keep the series interesting and well worth watching.

    • Re: Cool
      I heartily second your feelings on this episode. I would go even further than “pretty cool,” though, and say it was exceptional. They’re doing a very nice job mixing up the format of what could have been a very formulaic program, and this episode is an ideal example.

      I’ve been consistently surprised, considering the lead – it’s almost cliche now to say that Anthony Michael Hall has become a better actor than anyone might have expected – and the fact that it’s a USA Network series. I suppose there are people who like other programming on the network, but I wasn’t one of them, and this is the first appointment television (via ReplayTV of course) that I’ve ever come across on USA.

      I encuorage those who [rightly] think that sci-fi (paranormal counts) is getting the short end of the TV stick lately to get into this series ASAP – note that it’s shown new for USA on Sunday, repeated during the week on USA and then a week later is rerun for SciFi Channel on Fridays, so there are plenty of opportunities to check it out.

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