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The series finale of Chuck aired on Friday. I’ve been saving up these last 13 episodes to view in a marathon, and events have prevented me from putting together a timely review of the final season this weekend as I’d hoped. Instead, we’ll give our readers a chance to speak their minds.

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  1. I was a bit disappointed in the last two episodes. It could have been worse (I’m looking at you St. Elsewhere), but it could have been better too.

  2. The last two felt really rushed.

    If they had longer to go, they could have done much better.

    I don’t like the turn it took with Sarah even in the third-to-last episode, it just felt like they were throwing a wrench in things because they ran out of other ideas. There are plenty of good things they could have done with the last few episodes, they didn’t need to go down that road.

    • The last episode was almost an hour longer before they started to cut it down, apparently. The only part that didn’t get cut at all was act 5.

      • Seriously?! I really hope that extra hour is on the DVD’s.

        Also I want to know if the kiss was “magic.”

        Also I think more episodes beyond this would have Sarah acting just like she previously did. With Morgan, they kinda swept his memory loss under the rug as the season went along.

        • At least with Morgan they got in some good pop culture digs about which Star Wars movies to start with (and are the best), and whether or not the 4th Indiana Jones movie even exists…

  3. I took a looooooooong break after S3, but I’m midway through S4 now. I’m really enjoying it, I forgot how wonderfully cheesy this show is. Also Sarah seems to have developed a clothing allergy.

    Timothy Dalton was fantastic. And Linda Hamilton! WOO!

    Did anyone watch the spin-off show “Buy More”? I ever even heard about it until 5 minutes ago.

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