Spider-man, Spider-man….

Many people have expressed skepticism about the rebooted Spider-man (and I could do without the 3-D), but the new trailer looks pretty impressive…..

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  1. While I was dubious at first, I’m actually glad they’re rebooting it. I liked Rami’s initial rendition and the second was even better, but he drew too much from his horror background and the studio meddled too much in the third, really creating a trainwreck.

    Personally, I wish they’d just let rights go back to Marvel so we can have Spidey interacting with the rest of the Marvel heroes. :-\

    And I really like the banter – I’m hoping they maintain that, as it was always a trademark feature. I’m also glad they’re playing Petey’s intelligence more approrpiately.

    In general, yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

    • Agreed. I liked the first two Spider-movies, but this feels more like the classic Spider-man.

      (Whether they needed to reboot to do that is an interesting question. James Bond regenerates like a Time Lord without rebooting, at least until recently).

    • Miles Morales wasn’t available when this movie got started. I don’t know if the Ultimate version is available at all, since it’s going to be on TV in animated form this fall.

    • Not sure, but I doubt Ultimate has as large of popular knowledge base. Many of us who are older and no longer follow the comics remember the original Spidey, while those who currently follow the comics will have access to both the original and Ultimate. I think they will always go for the larger audience, although they’ll gladly pull successful aspects (such as Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury) from the Ultimate line, where appropriate/possible.

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