Final Fantasy Origins – official site confirms release date

The official Final Fantasy Origins site is now online, and it confirms the April 8 release date mentioned earlier. There’s not a lot there now, but it does have a new section. The site does not mention the confirmed $30US price, though.

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    • Re: Summer…

      This summer is going to be good. :)

      Absolutely. By the way, I plan to have a review of Final Fantasy 5 up in the next few weeks. The next review will probably take until the end of the school term (late April). I hope to review Final Fantasy 1, FF2, FF6-9, Final Fantasy Tactics, Kingdom Hearts, Orphen: Scion of Sorcery, Summoner, and Eternal Ring by the end of the summer, as well. (I’ve got all of those except FF1 and FF2.) If I get a lucrative summer job, I might pick up and review Summoner 2, as well.

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