Stargate SG-1: Two DVD seasons this year?

TV Shows on DVD has gotten wind of a rumour that seasons 3 and 4 of Stargate SG-1 will be released in June and September of this year. That would be a considerable change from the annual release schedule they’ve been using so far.

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  1. It Might Be Too Late For Me
    With me having a ReplayTV and the ability to watch shows when I want instead of when they air, combined with the four-per-Monday SciFi showings of SG-1, it’ll be a long while before I have the need/desire to pick up seasons 3 and 4. I bought seasons 1 and 2 because I hadn’t seen most of them (didn’t have Showtime but caught a few at the homes of others) and really wanted to. I would have bought seasons 3 and 4 had they been out (combining a DVD addict with a scifi fan results in over-spending), but I’ve since watched nearly every episode of those two seasons on SciFi.

    I’m wondering, with the pre-syndication release of Angel and 24 DVDs (I don’t count the latter’s weekly replays on FX), if the studios will get smart and start releasing the season packs earlier rather than later. I bought the Angel Season 1 set (I got into Buffy and Angel very late) on Tuesday but might not have had Angel already played in syndication…After all, I’m an addict but I’m not the type who’s going to spend TOO much money on TV I’ve already seen.

    By releasing the DVDs before syndication, I think they will see a lot more money since folks won’t be able to see the shows anywhere else.

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