Hayao Miyazaki to Direct Dune Anime

Studio Ghibli has announced that they will be doing a 24-episode television series adapting Frank Herbert’s Dune, to be directed by Hayao Miyazaki. This will be Miyazaki’s first television series since writing for Gainax’s television series Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water in the early 90s, and the first television series to be primarily animated by Studio Ghibli.

In a press release, Miyazaki said, “Frank Herbert created a beautifully realized universe with the Dune series, which inspired my own ‘Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind’. It is an honor to give this work the adaptation that it rightfully deserves, and with the production values that our viewers have become accustomed to.” The series is scheduled to begin in the Spring 2015 season, in time for the novel’s 40th Anniversary.

Some of the concept art and character designs have been released online, and can be found here.

7 replies on “Hayao Miyazaki to Direct Dune Anime”

  1. If this had been published any day but April 1st, I would be ecstatic. As it stands, this is most likely a cruel joke.

  2. Does seem like an April fool’s joke.

    The link to the concept art seem to be for the 80’s production. Am I wrong?

    • Yeah – the concept art was from the first planned film version of Dune, with concept art by Mobius and directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky (director of El Topo and creator of The Metabarons).

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