Summer School 2012.1: The Need for Relativity

This year’s summer school is a slightly different format than usual. In 2010, we covered quantum mechanics without the math. In 2011, we covered assessment theory with the math. In 2012, we cover Einstein’s relativity. More details and download links follow below.

With each lesson, published every Friday this summer, the reader can choose whether to download the lesson with or without the math. The first lesson, The Need for Relativity, can be found with the math here, and without the math here. We are also doing something a little bit different this year: the entire summer school series is available right from the start through The 51 page math free version is $0.99, while the 120 page version with the full math is $1.99. The math version contains everything in the math free version, so it’s one or the other all summer to the reader’s taste, and everything in the paid versions (currently) will be in the free versions over the course of the summer. You would only be paying to get the content now instead of later. I am thinking of adding end of chapter problems (with solutions) to the paid version at no additional cost; if any readers are interested in that, speak up so I know if it’s worth the time needed.

Finally, there is still time to vote for next year’s topic for Summer School. Voting closes August 1, and the winning topic will be announced in week nine of the 2012 summer school. If you haven’t voted yet, please do so now!

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