New Publishing Venue for Bureau 42 Teaches Content

I’m trying an additional venue for the Bureau 42 Teaches content. I have no intentions of stopping what is being published here. The 2010 Summer School about Quantum Mechanics is now available via Graphic.Ly in HTML 5 and Facebook formats. Similarly, the 2011 Summer School about Assessment is available in both formats as well. They are $0.99 each. More information below.

This year’s Summer School, about Einstein’s Relativity, is going to be somewhat similar. Traditionally, a summer school course runs 9 lessons, and that won’t change. Each Friday in July and August, there will be a new lesson available in both math free and math full formats, and readers can choose which version to download. On the last Friday, the digital versions will go up for sale. The digital versions will include all nine lessons in that format, but will also include an index and sample exercises, with solutions, for the more active learner. The mathematical versions include everything in the nonmathematical versions, including the conceptual exercises, so there is no need to get both versions if you are mathematically inclined. If interest warrants it (i.e. if sales indicate it’s a good investment) they will also be made available in Kindle, Nook, iBooks and other formats. Prices aren’t finalized yet, but the mathematical version will be slightly more than the other version since it contains additional content.

I will also be looking at collecting Teaching Tidbits and Math From Scratch in similar volumes, collected by theme (for the former) and logical end points (for the latter; e.g. everything up to and including the real numbers.) Please let us know what interest, if any, you have in any of these projects.