New X-Men 2 Trailer Online seems to have the exclusive scoop here. The trailer makes a point of listing out all the mutants in the film (except Colossus, who’s shown, but not named). Looks like a lot of fun.

Looks like Beast got the axe again. Oh well, the addition of Nightcrawler softens the blow.

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  1. Must…resist…
    I allready saw all I need to see about the movie, I allready want to see it…I must resist the spoilage! Argh!

  2. Have you tried not being a Mutant?
    That’s a great opening line (it was Catherine O’Hara, right?). I had to pause it it made me laugh so hard. Now as long as the movie lives up to the trailer, we’ll all be happy.

  3. Nightcrawler
    Pretty interesting takes on Nightcrawlers teleport power from what I can see in the trailer, as far as a visual perspective. Almost seems like it’s less “Bamph” (popping in and popping out), as it is more like a slow disappearence, going “up in smoke” so to speak.

    The only slightly troubling thing I can really see is the way they seem to just be throwing in characters and plotlines from the comics willy-nilly. We’ve got the whole Stryker thing, which seems to be a combination of “God Loves Man Kills”/Boliver Trask/Cameron Hodge type thing. Then Lady Deathstrike is thrown in. Meanwhile Mystique is still running around, probably as Senator Kelly, and it looks like we have Magneto busting loose and doing his thing. And oh yeah, Kurt, Bobby, and Pyro now apparently have semi-major roles. Just seems to be getting a little busy.

    I gotta say between this and Matrix Reloaded though, I’m really looking forward to the month of May.

  4. You missed another un-named character.
    You forgot to mention Katherine “Kitty” Pryde, AKA Shadowcat. The girl who could phase from her bed on one floor down to the next floor.

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