Free Comic Book Day 2012

Tomorrow, Saturday May 5, is the 2012 edition of the annual Free Comic Book Day. The complete list of titles is here, and the participating store locator is here. I’ve had the opportunity to check some titles out early. My thoughts are below.

  1. DC: The New 52 – This starts with the origin of Pandora, the Hooded Woman of the DCU, and her connections to several classic DC and Fawcett characters, and ends with two pages samplers of several of this month’s first issues. The ties between Pandora and others grabbed my attention.
  2. Avengers #1 – A reprint of the first issue of the current run on the title.
  3. Avengers: Age of Ultron – It’s the second straight year that Ultron has been teased in FCBD, but with Bendis leaving the Avengers franchise after AvX, I don’t know where the story will be told. Is it a miniseries, or is it tied into the return of the Phoenix? Is it going to be its own event, possibly next summer? Is it just a story that Bendis is handing off to someone else? (That strikes me as unlikely.)
  4. Star Wars / Serenity flip book – For the first time, dialogue in a Serenity comic feels perfect. The Star Wars half is enjoyable.
  5. Buffy / Guild flip book – Get this one. There’s a very surprising final panel in the Buffy section that will be big. Expect surprises.
  6. Ultimate Spider-Man – Based on the TV series. Enjoyable enough.
  7. The Hypernaturals – 16 pages of a new Abnett/Lanning series through Boom. I enjoyed this one too.
  8. Mega Man – Holy crap! This was great! Go out of your way to check this out, seriously!
  9. Superman Family Adventures / DC Nation Flip Book – The DC Nation part felt bland, which surprised me given my Green Lantern love, but the Superman side was very enjoyable. It’s one of those “all ages” books that really means “all ages” as opposed to “kiddie book.”

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  1. No comic stores within 50 miles of here… :/

    FYI- isn’t participating with these titles but they are tossing a random back issue of a random comic into each order this weekend.

    • In previous years, many of the free titles have hit the ComiXology and Graphicly apps the same day. Graphicly is pulling back their app development, so I don’t think there will be new titles available, but ComiXology is running. I’m hoping to get the Atomic Robo title that way.

      • Interesting, I didn’t know that was an option. I just installed ComiXology and I’ll keep an eye on it. I’m really interested in the Serenity and Buffy/Guild ones.

        • Some FBCD titles did eventually show up, but not the ones I wanted to see :(

  2. My son grabbed Mega Man, and it was a good read – he wants more already, which is the whole point I suppose! My older daughter grabbed something with Peanuts, only to find that half was Adventure Time – an interesting pairing.

    But my 3-year old grabbed the much maligned Yo Gabba Gabba book. I had to revise the dialog while reading it, as I didn’t think a scary-ass robot spider invasion was all that age appropriate. It really felt like whoever wrote the book had never seen the show. Just appalling, and a double dumbass on me for letting her grab the thing.

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