8 replies on “New Doctor Who”

  1. “Adventure setting”. That’s golden. It would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

    • I also loved the bit about an “adventure every week” from the time travelers handbook.

      Cute little scene.

      • The best part is that I can actually see the Doctor having such a book on the Tardis and reacting that way to Amy reading from it. It’s the part after that that seemed slightly far fetched. Funny, though.

        • The problem I had was when he points his SonicScrewdriver as if it were a weapon and kills something.

          Until then I was totally believing it was cannon…

          • If it can kill, maybe it is a cannon.

            (Nothing like being a total dick about a typo : )

            • Really? LOL
              You went there…

              (I’m going thru withdrawal, but at least it’s down to about 3 months now!! So much better than 9-10!!)

              • And welcome back to Kiersten!

                We need virtual cake or drinks to pass out whenever someone posts after a long absence. What’s our budget of this kind of thing? Anyone?

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