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  1. Could it really, finally be happening for sure? Wow… been lots of talk over the years but it never materialized. Was beginning to think that it and Ender’s Game would never be made.

    I’ve been trying to think of a good Hiro Protagonist for years and haven’t seen anyone yet I think would be “perfect” for the role. Part of me hopes they find an unknown guy. There are several good candidates for Y.T. out there, but the problem is her age. If they can get a “name” then it could be someone like Chloe Moretz (we know she can kick ass, after all), or someone who is a bit older but can pass for that age, like Jane Levy.

    I really enjoyed Attack The Block, so I hope this actually does make it all the way to the screen.

    • Chloe Moretz would be a good choice for Y.T. (since Ellen Page is now too old for the part). In any case, they need a talented actress close to the character’s age.

      I’m kind of hoping they get a strong relative unknown for Hiro.

      • Elle Fanning could probably also work for YT, come to think of it.

        The problem with Hiro is the race mix, not much comes to mind in Hollywood that matches it or even could pass for it. I hope they get an unknown that fits the part rather than just taking someone based on their name.

        Now the question is, who would play Raven? Uncle Enzo? L. Bob Rife? Vitaly Chernobyl? Decisions, decisions… Guessing they’ll get some random wrestler-type to play Raven.

  2. Laugh if you will, but when I think about who should play Hero, in my mind’s eye I see Grant Imahara. Keep laughing – I’d also like to give Kiernan Shipka a shot to try out for Y.T. She’s great in Mad Men (my favorite sci-fi show about the past instead of the future) and by the time this actually gets to the screen she would be just the right age.

    • I haven’t seen Kiernan Shipka in anything so I can’t comment there (might be a little on the young side though).

      If I remember right, Hiro is supposed to be half Korean and half African American, not a very common thing to find. Even just taking one side of that, someone like Grant could work, or Daniel Dae Kim (but he’s a bit on the older side for it). James Kyson might be closer but I can’t really see him in a lead action role.

      • Mad Men may be my favorite show of all time (top five, anyway), though I’m not quite sure I read it as SF. (The era, of course, was totally SF). The actress is good; she may be a little too young, as Fez sez, but, as per Ricky, she might be the right age by the time this thing gets filmed.

        Uncle Enzo could be the star of one of my other favorite non-SF/Fantasy shows, James Gandolfini. Given the satiric/humorous nature of Snow Crash, the cliche factor of casting him might work. If not, lots of actors could do some version of Uncle Enzo.

        • I remember seeing the creator of Mad Men himself referring to the series as sci-fi and I found that reference: “Matt Weiner describes his new show, Mad Men (Thursdays on AMC), as “science fiction” — but in the past. What he means is that, just as science fiction often uses a future world to say things about the present you can’t say directly (it’s both figuratively and literally ahead of its time), his show uses the overtly sexist and racist atmosphere of a 1960 New York advertising office to talk about issues that persist today but that we are too “polite” (to use the words of Alan Taylor, one of the show’s directors) to talk about openly.” I think its safe to say they’ve met that promise. The MM world is kind of a parallel universe story, only one that really did exist once upon a time….

          I’ve often wondered how they will end Mad Men. I’ve decided that on the last show they’ll make reference to how the firm is so successful, they’re going to reserve a still bigger office in one of those new World Trade Center towers that just started construction…

          Weiner was one of the top writers for the Sopranos. To get back on topic, I also say +1 for James Gandolfini as Uncle Enzo!!! And another thought for Hero – Steven Yeun from Walking Dead. Hey, he’s Korean instead of Japanese, so he’s halfway the right ethnicity !!!

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