Mech Warrior Movie Coming

At the very least it has a producer. Dean Devlin (Independence Day, Eight Legged Freaks) is set to produce a movie based on the game. Paramount is in talks to distribute it.

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  1. Time frame?
    Have I been so out of touch with Battletech? What time frame are they talking about for the story? What’s this “Republic” they mention? Are they just going to make up something new, or are they going to hold to the established timeline? I WANNA KNOW! *pant pant pant* :)

    • Re: Time frame?
      The BattleTech property is now owned by WizKids Games, producers of Mage Knight and other “collectible miniatures” games. It is now known as MechWarrior, which previously was just the name of the RPG set in the BT universe.

      MechWarrior takes place ~65 years in the future of the BT universe, starting in late 3132. What is now known as Classic BattleTech is still being produced under licence by Fantasy Productions and consists of material for the old game system and set in the “current” universe of 3067 and forward.

      For a complete discussion of what’s going on, I highly recommend the Classic BattleTech website:, where you can find a more in depth description of the differences between MechWarrior and BattleTech.

      To sum things up: in 3067, the Word of Blake (a zealot splinter group from ComStar) launches a Jihad against the rest of the Inner Sphere. Lasting until 3081, it sees major changes (and includes copious use of nukes, chemicals, and other nasties by the Blakists), including the emergence of a new state, the Republic of the Sphere, under the guidance of a mysterious war hero (and messiah-figure) named Devlin Stone. From 3081-3132, the Republic (and the rest of the Inner Sphere too, although we don’t yet know to what extent) experiences a kind of golden age of peace (although it’s not entirely conflict-free) and undergoes a period of military demobilization. Basically, BattleMechs are taken out of private ownership so that only the state now owns them. However, in 3132 (when the MW game begins) something or someone unknown causes the Hyperpulse Generator Network to crash, severing interstellar communication throughout 80% of the Inner Sphere. A Dark Age begins.

      Two novels have been released so far in this setting, and the second miniatures expansion pack was just released. Eventually, FanPro will publish sourcebooks (but as of yet, no word on any future CBT novels) advancing the CBT timeline through the Word of Blake Jihad up to 3132.

      All of this is way simplified, but I hope it gives you some idea!

      • Re: Time frame?
        Thanks for the sum up and reference, UncleJam. The last BT books I read were the Twilight of the Clans series, so that gives you an idea. Anyhow, I appreciate it!

  2. This will be TighT
    This is thE coolest thing ive ever heard anyone here who plays any MechWarrior game knows this will rule i advise u all to see it when it comes out in theaters

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