Twilight Zone Discussion – “Mr. Motivation” and “Sanctuary”

I don’t know if this one is new or not. The second story guest stars Elizabeth Berkley.

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  1. Alternative Ending
    In Sanctuary, the instant that the second guest (I’ve forgotten the character names) and the snakes arrived, I immediately thought “OK, she’s evil.” However, I then remembered that it was the Twilight Zone, and they would need an ending twist. Therefore, I was thinking that the snakes and scorpions were not a manifestation of the second woman’s evil, but of the anger brewing between the first woman and her. The ending would be that the first woman would confront the second as being Satan (which in my version she wouldn’t have been), and somehow kill her, and that that would be what kicked them out of Eden.

    Then again, there’ probably a reason that they don’t let me write TV shows.

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