John Doe Discussion – “Illegal Alien” (new)

This was the episode originally postponed due to the Columbia accident. In the original description, the astronaut burned up entering the atmosphere, but now it sounds like he lands and is killed there, so there may be some kludging in the story and editing this week. Also, this episode predates the death of Karen, so she may be in it, but it’s still not a rerun.

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  1. Probably unmodified

    After watching the episode, I’d say that it was probably an unmodified broadcast. Changes would have been very extensive. I guess the original description I read was simply inaccurate.

    Also, I’m positive Digger knows more than he’s letting on, but I’m not convinced he’s part of the Phoenix project. This should be interesting when it all plays out.

    • Re: Probably unmodified
      I think you’re right about there not being any modifications. The delay was certainly appropriate, though, since I think there are a lot of people who would have quailed at seeing a dead guy in a spacesuit that soon after Columbia.

      I like the way they’re handling the big conspiracy arc in this show, in the sense that it resembles the way they handled it in earlier episodes of The X-Files – they’re not throwing the conspiracy into every single episode just to have it there. Doe may be thinking about it but it’s not involved in every case. There were many later episodes of the X that were ruined by what I felt to be pointless inclusion of the Cancer Man and his cronies when they could have been left out and had a decent episode.

      I must note too that since the airplane episode, I’ve been well and truly hooked by this show. Where before it was just something that popped up on my PVR, I now look forward to it. I credit the interesting supporting cast they’ve given us, though I would ask for more Jayne Brook/Lt. Avery development. I’ve been a fan of hers since Chicago Hope.

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