June Solicitation for DC and Marvel Comics

As always, the solicitations for comics shipping two months from now have gone online in the second last Wednesday of the month. Read on to see what I’ll definitely be picking up to review as it ships, and what you kind people can talk me into for trade paperback releases.

I’ll start out with the titles I’m definitely picking up. From DC Comics, I’ll be getting JLA: Workweek, a one-shot comedy about a guy who hides in the JLA Watchtower, and Superman: President Lex, a trade paperback that collects the entire run of issues that led up to Lex Luthor becoming the current President of the United States in the DCU. (This should serve as a nice prologue to the Batman/Superman series launching this fall with a plotline about Batman and Superman attempting to oust Luthor as President.) From Marvel, I’ll be getting Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 6: Venom, (need I say more?) Incredible Hulk #55 (the cheap one), Marvel Universe: The End which wraps up the miniseries begun last week, and Eternals #1, the first issue in a MAX series written by Chuck Austen based on characters created by Jack Kirby. I’ll be getting every issue of this if it lives up to half of my expectations.

The items that I can be fairly easily talked into picking up at some later date:

  • Green Arrow: The Sounds of Violence TPB- The hardcover version of this, collecting the last five issues of Kevin Smith’s run on the title, ships in June. I’ll be getting the paperback version when it’s solicited.
  • Birds of Prey – Gail Simone’s run is starting in June with issue 56. If DC prints a trade paperback collecting her contributions, I can be talked into getting it.
  • Exiles – the fourth trade paperback of this series ships in June. I might start picking it up from the beginning. It’s very highly rated in all reviews I’ve read, and I love the concept. It’s been described as Quantum Leap combined with Sliders set in the Marvel Universe. A team of heroes hops around alternate realities fixing things that went wrong.
  • Kingpin – the first issue of a six issue miniseries ships in June. I can be talked into picking up a collection of all six.
  • Quest TPB – the first issue in a new Tsunami title, which seems to be unrelated to the Marvel Universe, might turn into something worthwhile. (The same goes for all other Tsunami titles.)
  • Fury TPB – issue 8 of 8 of this Dark Horse comics series, written by Joss Whedon about a slayer in the future, was solicited for June. I’ll be getting the trade paperback should they make one, I’m sure.

There are a number of other new series starting in June or shortly thereafter. I also plan to get the Batman/Superman series mentioned above, the JLA/Avengers crossover, the Niel Gaiman Marvel project tentatively titled 1602, the MAX line Squadron Supreme series written by J. Michael Straczynski, and the Daredevil: Target trade paperback should the series ever get finished.

So, is there anything here (or elsewhere someplace I missed) that you’re interested in? My budget is limited, but my will is weak.

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  1. Dark Empire
    If you don’t already have it, I would suggest Dark Horse’s Star Wars Dark Empire graphic novel. It’s a reprint of the 6-issue mini series published in the early/mid 1990s. To give a short synopsis: about 6 years after ROTJ, Emperor Palpatine is resurrected as a clone. Luke Skywalker joins him as apprentice and goes over to the dark side of the force. Very good story line.

    The neat thing about this series is that it actually ties in with the other expanded universe novels (and vice versa). Dark Empire is essentially EU “canon”.

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