Happy birthday, Firefly!

It has been ten years since Firefly first hit the airwaves, and the episode Objects In Space remains the only entry of any media to score a perfect 42/42 in a Bureau 42 review. If next year’s special project (which will start September 10, 2013 and end in the spring of 2022) gets a good response, we’ll do one for Firefly too.

3 replies on “Happy birthday, Firefly!”

  1. My 14yo daughter is hooked on this now, we’re slowly working through the DVDs. Almost don’t want her to have to see the last 20 minutes of Serenity though.

  2. The other day my son built a spaceship out of lego. It looked like Serenity, and he’s never seen the show (He’s 8… debating when to start him on it!).

    Hard to believe it’s been 10 years…

    • I’d wait. I’m not letting my 9yo watch them (we’re watching TNG instead). My 14yo had a hard time sitting through “Bushwacked” which, to be fair, was pretty tense and a little gory.

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