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Firefly’s Shepard, Ron Glass, Heads Out Into The Black

Because 2016 hasn’t sucked enough, we lose the man the represented the soul of the Serenity. No details yet, but Ron Glass, famous for a variety of TV roles, including seven years on Barney Miller, has passed away at the age of 71.

As Shepard Book, a wandering preacher, Glass brought dignity to an undignified crew. He would reprise the role in the film sequel, where he uttered one of the most poignant lines of the series, “I don’t care what you believe. Just believe it.”

Joss Whedon took to Twitter with this:

RIP, Mr. Glass.

Firefly Online announced

In the first of a zillion or so news announcements from San Diego Comic-Con, we present the teaser trailer for “Firefly Online,” a social MMORPG targeted to mobile devices. The game’s Web site is at, but it’s being hammered (not Captain Hammer) and may take a while to load.


Happy birthday, Firefly!

It has been ten years since Firefly first hit the airwaves, and the episode Objects In Space remains the only entry of any media to score a perfect 42/42 in a Bureau 42 review. If next year’s special project (which will start September 10, 2013 and end in the spring of 2022) gets a good response, we’ll do one for Firefly too.

Beware the scary poster of Captain Tightpants!

rickyjames pointed us to this article about what appears to be a great overreaction to a Firefly poster. Given that the article was posted September 27 but no dates are given, and that Nathan Fillion responded via Twitter on September 26, what I want to know is how long that poster was hanging there before it was deemed threatening. To me, this sounds like a student who didn’t like the prof and looked for something to report to get the guy in trouble.

Firefly Tidbits

Rickyjames e-mailed the following about Firefly. To answer his first question for all, direct e-mail is the current way to submit stories and links.

How do you submit a story for B42 now that you’ve switched to WordPress? There’s no link that I can see…

Anyway, there’s a couple of interesting items in the Firefly world that I’ve run across in just the past few days besides the throwaway line in this week’s ep of Castle. USA Today ran a whole page of a new Firefly comic book (they’ve done that a few times lately with various franchises, most recently Hellboy as I recall, trying to be more “relevant”) and best of all the entire issue is online. Also, a 90 minute fan-made movie set in the Firefly universe a few months after the events of the Serenity movie is out in the past few weeks, complete with fairly interesting trailer. It’s called Browncoats: Redemption and is available on DVD. So dust off the old Firefly logo for one more run!