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  1. Alien is the scariest movie ever, should have stopped at that
    In my opinion the original Alien movie is the most suspenseful movie i have ever seen. On a different note i do not see how jaws is even considered for this list…i laughed a lot at that movie. In regards to the Aliens series, the original was scary; the second was a great thriller; the third was very well acted and terrifying. It reminds me of the terminator. The first one was scary/action-packed and the second was an excellent movie also. I am disapointed that they made Alien Ressurction, which was a terrible movie. On the same note, I am very excited to see the new t3: rise of the machines, but I know its not going to be good. They made it politicaly correct by having a girl as the bad guy and quite frankly arnold may be too old for this role now. In resurrection the “advanced graphics” were terrible. The people looked like they were either being attacked by a rubber man like 5 percent of the time or a cartoon character the other 95 percent of the time. This will also happen with the new terminator, the “powers” and weaponry will be made to be too unrealistic in a fantasy movie

    • Re: Alien is the scariest movie ever, should have stopped at that

      If this was meant to go elsewhere, but posted here accidentally, I’m cool with that.

      If it was meant to go elsewhere, but ended up here because of a bug, I’d *love* to know how to reproduce said bug. Assuming users don’t edit the URLs by hand, this should be impossible.

  2. Wow, How Can I Be On-Topic Now?
    The screed above is impressive in its level of off-topicness. Kudos!

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit, not least because I got my fair share of Lt. Avery (Jayne Brook) action which I hoped “aloud” for last week.

    MacGuyver? Meet The Pretender. Now, jam yourselves into this Fly-style teleportation device and we’ll see what happens. Hey look, it’s John Doe.

    I can’t judge the science of everything Johnny did this week (like mixing acid in the breakroom from everyday items to burn through high tensile strength steel wire) because I’m no kind of scientist, but the episode certainly did move with a nice, fast pace with fun moments. I like shows that can mix up the tempo from episode to episode. Last week, there was more of a deliberate investigation that developed more slowly (even the first scene where the “astronaut” gets shot was a bit slow in action terms) while this week it was “Die Hard in a Seattle Police Precinct With a Really Smart Guy.” Even the twist at the end was worthwhile, though the closing scene (pre-epilogue) was a bit rushed – the problem with being a one-hour show; we’ll see if they feel confident enough next season to lay some true two-parters on us.

    Another nice thing about the episode was the fact that they didn’t go the “we shouldn’t be involving a civilian in the dangerous situation” or “maybe the guy talking to us is working with them” route. Instead the police people (notably Captain Ruiz, commanding the presence outside the precinct) actually appreciate Doe’s talents.

    The only major complaint I had with this one was the volume of Doe’s voice while he was in the ductwork. A guy who’s hiding from heavily armed men shouldn’t be talking so loud.

    Another good episode of a series that’s coming along nicely.

    • Re: Wow, How Can I Be On-Topic Now?
      I would agree with all of the above. John Doe has its groan-worthy moments, to be sure, but I’m finding myself enjoying it more and more with each episode. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the season finale; I’m hoping they give us something really juicy about the identity mystery.

      In addition to the volume problem, I would add two: 1) the bad cop (whose name I couldn’t remember so I kept calling him “Methos”) tells his goons to check every air duct. Yet we never saw this. What sloppy goons. 2) That must have been one long phone cord for John to keep crawling through the ducts while still on the phone with Frank.

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