SciFi Convention with some of Buffy/Angel cast

cannonball writes, If anybody is interested and lives in the Los Angeles area, there’s a SciFi convention going on. Friday and Saturday (28/29) are all Trekkies while Sunday (30) will have Andy Hallett and Nicholas Brendon, Juliet Landau, and James Marsters. All are offering autographs. The company putting it on is

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  1. dream on
    A trek convention that turns into a Buffy convention? Freaky!
    Would love to see how Buffy wannabes act around klingons though : )

  2. Creation Cons Bite….
    CommercialCon…errr I mean creation con is not so much a scifi convention as it is for the Starlog people to make some dough….save your cash…those cons inevitably bite.

    • Re: Creation Cons Bite….

      save your cash…those cons inevitably bite.

      I enjoyed it, though in a small way was intimidated (which was odd since I am taller than almost everybody that was there, save for Michael Dorne). They are regular people, but with much more worldly experiences.

      Danny Strong (Jonathon) was there doing both photo ops and signing. He had some funny stories during his interview (with Clem and Lorne). Juliet Landau is one beautiful woman–if you haven’t seen her in person, I hope you can one day. She has quite a history in showbiz as well as her parents. Someone, I can’t remember who right now, said that Charisma Carpenter had her baby recently. If I heard that incorrectly, I apologize in advance. Nick Brendan was true to form during his interview, cutting jokes and wisecracks. James Marsters was visibly embarrassed (or is he just THAT good of an actor :-) when the women kept referring to the picture of him naked sitting on the bed. He stayed signing autographs (paid of course, not free) until 8:30 PM. At first you may not think that is a big deal, but when you consider he had a 5:00 AM casting call, that shows that he’s giving a little extra effort.

      They’re currently about 3 weeks away from finishing filming…for good :-( Both James and Nick referred to that coming last day while answering questions and both expressed sadness at the family going on their seperate ways.

      Overall, the convention was good. I got a decent South Park shirt. Wish you all could have been there…

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