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  1. Not Bad but not Great
    Really, the part of this episode that made it for me was Digger’s demonstration of another previously unknown skill. That plus the mysterious figure doing sign language which seemed like it could only be one person (if it had been the big guy with the thinning hair, why not show his face?) made the show interesting for those following the show already…But the main plot? Nah.

    Here’s my fundamental problem with the plot (besides the fact that it’s about the same age as Methuselah). The fellow apparently figures out a way to store his entire consciousness in machine code which can then be compiled and run on a police computer. Then, we’re expected to believe that there’s no way for that consciousness to become ambulatory? I understand the desire to be put into a “new” flesh bag, but wouldn’t it be better to wander around in a robot as opposed to hanging around in stasis as lines of code? If a computer could run the code then it seems obvious that said computer could be fitted with arms, legs, sensors, etc. which at the very least would allow him to continue his work (hell, he could do it without being ambulatory just by sticking himself into some of the supercomputers that a rich, brilliant guy like him would surely have access to).

    I suppose I can forgive some plot holes, especially in a series that has been pretty fantastic (in the fantasy sense of the word) so far. But this one I could drive a truck pulling a double-wide mobile home through. I hope that, given the unresolved ending, they do a better job when the subject makes its inevitable return.

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