Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 16: Round 1

Our sixteenth round of voting is here. The latest round of tentative and eliminated titles follows.

The new tentative titles are:

  • Dark Future (1995)
  • Last Night (1998)
  • Mr. Nobody (2009)
  • Stalker (1979)

The newly eliminated titles are:

  • Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)
  • Back to the Future Part II (1989)
  • Dark Star (1974)
  • Dreamscape (1984)
  • Eraserhead (1977)
  • The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)
  • K-PAX (2001)
  • Mars Attacks! (1996)
  • Planet Terror (2007)
  • Return of the Living Dead (1985)
  • Rollerball (1975)
  • Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

Write in votes for movies not on the master list are accepted at [email protected] and will be up to and including week 24.

7 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 16: Round 1”

    • Confusion may be a factor. I’d hoped that including the years would eliminate that, but given the sheer number of votes for the 1936 Flash Gordon serial, I suspect some voters ignore the years. The 1980 Flash Gordon film is still to come.

      When the tournament is over, I’ll release the results of the voting. There are a lot of suprises here that could make things very, very interesting down the road.

  1. See, I wouldn’t include it among greatest titles, and I suspect other Bureau-cats felt the same. I enjoyed Gilliam’s take on Munchausen, but it’s uneven and overly long, and I have a fondness for Return of the Living Dead (Have we ever reviewed that here?), but I would never rank it “above average.”

  2. Incidentally, Robot and Frank (2012) is not only going to get a second shot at votes in week 24 (with the other 2012 releases) but it comes out on DVD this coming Tuesday, February 12.

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