Good thing it didn’t zip by last December 21.

A large asteroid will pass very close to earth on Friday, February 15.

Remove any trays. Inspect them for wrinkled or damaged stem cells.

In a development that may speed up research and lead to quick-print tissue and organs, a 3-D Printer has been used to print embryonic stem cells.

I like to watch.

Video below includes commentary on the asteroid and the printer, Garrett “Harry Kim” Wang on the viability of the tricorder, a CGI film about our far future, and a look at India’s Comic-Con.

Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) talks with TheTechFeed about the viability of the tricorder

This CGI gives us a glimpse at the death of the sun and the survival of a certain present-day artifact:

India Comic-Con has a different feel than the more familiar North American and Japanese versions: