Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 27: Round 2

The first round of eliminations continues here. The complete elimination bracket can be seen here. I’ll update those brackets with winners every week, and I’m tempted to mark the “upset” votes as well (i.e. ones where round one indicated that the other movie would have won.) Would that be of interest to you, the reader?

6 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 27: Round 2”

  1. Wow. So many entries this week where I would have liked to been able to have voted for both…

    • Indeed, and I think that’s only going to get worse from here on. Lots of difficult choices.

      I had to force myself to be honest about which was a better movie and not which one I just liked more. Often that diverges a bit…

        • Indeed, though I was happy to see that some decisions certainly went the way I felt they should have gone, it will be tough to pick the next round.

          • I think a lot are going to be close. There have been two brackets so far that came down to the wire, with one film just barely edging out another. One bracket was decided by a single vote.

  2. The only statistical upset so far: based on round one, “A Trip to the Moon (1902)” was expected to defeat “Metropolis (2001)” but “Metropolis (2001)” gets passed to round three instead.

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