4 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 28: Round 2”

  1. I did not expect The Fifth Element to beat Akira.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy either way (both are great), but that was a tough call for me. Deep down, I prefer The Fifth Element, but I voted for Akira since I felt it was a better movie in the cinematic/historical sense.

    As for this week, the only tough choice for me was Paul vs Spider-Man. I know people that hate on both of those movies, but I loved them both, but for obviously different reasons. I don’t expect either of them to make it far, but they’re quite enjoyable.

    • Agreed about that one. Thus far, only one anime film – the 2001 version of Metropolis from director Rin Taro (and based on Osamu Tezuka’s manga inspired by the original silent film) advanced – which is impressive, and good, as Metropolis is among my favorite SF films.

      I’m also really interested in how Nausicaa and Paprika fare in future rounds.

  2. The first of many tough calls and close votes, I’m sure. Looking at some of the brackets there is going to be some serious angst later on, and I’m certainly not looking forwards to some decisions that might come up.

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