Arrow Discussion: “Home Invasion” and “The Undertaking”

If you’ve had thoughts on the past two eps of Arrow, here’s the place to discuss them.

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    • Now that Walter is safe I wonder if Felicity will continue to be involved or if she’ll really leave like she said.

      I think she’s come a long way, and her original “Black and White” ideals have moved to the grey area.

      I love her, I hope she stays on for good. I can already see a bit of Felicity/Laurel jealousy even if it is unfounded between them.

  1. For Home Invasion:
    The moment I saw Gunn J. August Richards on the screen I knew he’d be evil. Bonus points for him being evil and impersonating a Lawyer.

    For The Undertaking:
    Although it was obvious that Oliver had … motivation … the rescue of Walter seemed a bit … easy? I expected some sort of trap or double-cross to be involved.

    I think the finale is going to be quite good. I wonder if this show would actually have the guts to actually allow it to follow through and deal with the aftermath, or if it will get stopped Just In Time.

    I couldn’t help but make an obvious comparison to OCP in the flashbacks where they were discussing The Undertaking.

  2. I really don’t want to see Tommy become a bad guy . But it sure looks like they might go that route. Hate it when they do things like that.

    • I haven’t had that impression. I think he needs to find his own path, but I doubt he’ll really align with his father when he finds out what he’s really up to.

  3. The thing that bugged me about The Undertaking was that Oliver says he can’t just charge into the illegal casino because it’s protected “with an army”. And then he charges in there.

    And later on he charged into a building that’s protected by even MORE of an army to get Walter.

    Also we’re still in Island-Cliffhanger from the previous episode. Is this the first time we didn’t have any Island Flashbacks at all? Had a lot of other flashbacks instead…

    • The casino was explainable in that Felicity reported exactly how many guys were there so he knew what he was getting into, and there were civilians in there so he had to be more careful.

      Similarly, the facility holding Walter he saw from external surveillance and had an idea of what he was going into, but it was also full of bad buys, no civilians, so less care was needed.

      I think there was at least one previous episode that had no island flashbacks, so that part isn’t unusual. I think the background before the sea voyage fit a little better with the finale coming up, and they’ll probably wrap everything up nicely with The Undertaking by the end of the season but the Island plot can keep going for multiple seasons and doesn’t need a concrete/immediate resolution.

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