Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 41: Round 7

We are down to the final four. Vote in round seven here, and come back next week for the final round. The complete elimination bracket can be seen here. We had two statistical upsets last week, with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) overcoming Gattaca (1997) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) overcoming The Terminator (1984).

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  1. I’ve got a bad feeling about this….

    Don’t get me wrong 2001 is a great movie, but I think its a bit overrated. Its interesting to see how its piled up upset after upset. But Star Wars has had such a big impact for me and so many others. You don’t see folks dressed up like Dave Bowman at the comic conventions ;-). Or walking around dressed as the monolith…

    As for Blade Runner, while I like that movie too, how the heck did it beat Empire Strikes back, the greatest movie ever made IMHO? Its a good movie, but I think its almost gotten more worked over than the Special Editions of the Star Wars movies ever did. Everyone seems enamored with the directors cut and the elimination of the voice over, but I’ve always liked the voice over and liked the nod to detective noir. Oh, and Deckard is NOT a replicant…

  2. Had a major internal debate about 2001 vs Star Wars. Both are classics and both stand the test of time. Ultimately, I pushed for the one that was actually a Sci-Fi film, since Star Wars is, in essence, a Fantasy film. I still love the film, but that was my “tipping point.”

    Now, I *know* I’m a giant Star Trek fanboy, but I’ve felt that Blade Runner is one of the most overrated films in geekdom. My $0.02, your mileage may vary. No brainer on that decision.

    • If someone dressed up like Dave Bowman, how would we know? Unless it was old Dave or Starchild Dave

      Still think the fact that “Empire” is part of a story is an issue. If Star Wars trilogy had been listed as one movie, it would make a difference to me.

  3. You see more people dressed as superheroes, too, but it doesn’t make Super Friends better than Space Odyssey. One just provides greater cosplay opportunities (though I did once see someone dressed as the Monolith).

    In the end, the final selections will necessarily disappoint some people.

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    Deckard is totally the replicant that Ridley Scott has explicitly stated he is.

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    • Don’t care what the director says, the film doesn’t explicitly say anything about it, leaving that up to the viewer. Me, as the viewer says, I don’t think Deckard was a replicant. Also if he was, I think he should have stood up better to the beating from Rutger Hauer’s character.

      • This mimics the controversy over last year’s Hugo-winning novel. Walton argues the faery creatures are real; many people read her work ambiguously and, truthfully, I agree with them. In the first release of Blade Runner, then, I concede that Deckard’s status is uncertain, at best. However, in the director’s cut (which I prefer), I think it’s fairly clear that he’s a replicant.

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