Newspace: Bureau42 Short Film Fest

Can’t get out to the latest SF blockbuster? Here’s a little Bureau42 Festival of recent short genre films available on Youtube:

“Flying Man” takes a dark look at the superhero:

“R’ha,” “The Final Moments of Karl Brant” (with Paul Reubens), “Caldera,” “Runaway,” and “The Strangers,” below:

An F/X-heavy SF war story in six minutes:

Paul Reubens stars in this futuristic tale; the makers hope to create a full-length version:

This award-winner, posted earlier this summer,uses fantastic elements to address the struggle with mental illness:

Here’s a very odd five minutes with excellent F/X:

And an intriguing remake of a horror movie:

5 replies on “Newspace: Bureau42 Short Film Fest”

    • Good enough to have decent effects, but not good enough to escape a cliche ending, apparently ;-)

      • Interesting. The reverse used to be generally true of independent films: low production, great concepts/endings/avoidance of cliche. It’s still true to some degree, but I do wonder if the greater ease with which F/X can be achieved has hampered the drive to innovate in other ways.

        [Insert Star Wars prequel reference here– not that Star Wars was ever indy]

  1. R’ha looks like GlaDOS vs a biological version of a Jaffa + armor + extra arms. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Those are all good things.

    Runaway was also good (except for a couple distracting bluescreen moments).

    I’d be interesting in seeing more of either of those, for sure.

    I didn’t have time to watch most of the others.

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