Buffy Discussion – “Sleeper” (rerun)

This episode followed Conversations with Dead People, and followed up on the Spike revelations. Our first discussion of it is here.

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  1. Other subject- anyone see the pics?
    ABM-BVS had some pics from 7×18, including pics of Cap’n Tightpants as Caleb. Cool.

  2. missed it the first time
    so seeing it now really fills in a lot of gaps. One thing to note though. I still have my suspicions that in wasn’t the first that was appearing to Dawn back in dead people and that perpahs it was her mother or something else. Note a couple things, 1 that thing really did a number on the house and clawed Dawn too while the first can’t take corporeal form, sure it could be another demon working for the first but that seems unlikely. Also ther warning “when the time comes Buffy won’t choose you” also seems to relate to the last new episode when Buffy and Giles were talking about how Buffy would sacrifice Dawn or anyone else if necessary.

    • Dawn
      My friend and I where thinking the same thing. Evidentialy (sorry I can’t spell that) her name is Dawn.
      It was an interesting episode wasn’t it? Then again they all are. lol
      I wonder who will be sacraficed if Buffy is forced to make a choice like that.? It just better not be Willow or Faith!

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