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In the first two episodes, the Pilot and “Honor Thy Father,” Ollie has returned from that desert island with flashbacks, met some version of his traditional supporting cast, taken up the costume, killed some people, and pulled a Bruce Wayne, convincing the public he’s an irresponsible doofus.

We missed reviewing these, but we might catch up with this week’s ep.

Meanwhile, here’s a place to let your comments about Arrow fly.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes. I went in with really low expectations, but given the direction they went with it, I can see why they wanted to shed all of the Smallville-verse canon and go back to the origin. So far it’s been really good.

    Of the new series that have started this fall, Arrow and Elementary are the only ones I’m going to continue watching, I think. I’m so-so on 666 Park Ave, I’ve given up on Revolution and Last Resort, and Animal Practice has been canceled (it was hilarious, not sure why it didn’t take).

  2. Agreed, I watched it thinking I’d get something only a geek would watch, and was pleasantly surprised. I’m not enough of a DC fan to critique their version vs. the source comics, but I am liking what I see so far. And with a full season already ordered, I don’t have to worry about it getting canceled for a while yet.

  3. I too am enjoying this show. And I too don’t really know a LOT about the original comic book version.

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