Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney

Bureau 42’s official position on all things political is that it is up to the individual voter to do his or her own research, choose the candidate the best fits the individual’s personal politics, and then get out to the polls and actually vote. We are not sharing this link as either an endorsement or indictment of Mr. Whedon’s politics. We are sharing this video because Mr. Whedon’s move back to movies rather than television means we get, on average, less new Whedon now than we have in the past, and that’s unfortunate.

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  1. He’s got a TV show in the works…

    Also, I disagree with the idea that everyone should vote. I think that if voting could change anything they wouldn’t let us do it. I think the only way to win is not to play.

    • Voting is fine, and more people should do it. The presidential election is rigged more by psychological concepts of “wasted votes” and the current divisive mindsets than it is by the nutty/outdated electoral college infrastructure…

      Every other office is well worth voting for and can make a difference on a local/state level, even if you abstain from voting for a Lizard^WPresident.

    • I’m not American, so the point is moot, except that everything there affects everything here. However, I don’t see how giving no input, however little a difference it will make, can serve any useful purpose. Even a vote for a “protest” candidate has some effect.

      No vote just says, “do whatever you want, no one cares.” Which is clearly the message that many influential people have been hearing.

      Who are “they?” And how would ‘they” prevent voting in a country that has it as an established tradition? (Except for people who are into the whole Icke/Illuminati/Conspiracy-of-the=week thing. And no, undue influence and skullduggery by powerful people is not the same as coordinated all-powerful conspiracy).

      See, this is why we don’t get political here too often.

      BTW: Love the people wandering by, visible through the window. I half-expected one to shamble to his door at the end.

  2. While the video is funny, the one thing that irks me is that it is a statistical certainty that at least 30% of the people who went to the movie Avengers do not agree with Wedon’s sentiment here. With our wonderful two party, pick the lesser of two evils voting system (why yes, I am “wasting” my vote on a candidate from a “third” party) that number of people disagreeing with Whedon who have seen Avengers might be closer to 50%.

    While Whedon would have to be far far far more partisan than this for me to even begin considering not going to his movies, there may be people out there who do not feel the same way.

    You cannot keep making $1 billion dollar grossing movies if you piss off half of your audience.

    That said I really appreciate the fact and do believe that Whedon does realize his characters need to have different perspectives and does a great job writing them that way. Mal is definitely not a “big government” liberal ;-).

    • Or people will take this for what it is, a joke, and not a serious attack.

      Unfortunately other celebrities have real videos foretelling doom if “the other guy” gets elected.

      They’re completely wrong of course, completely and utterly wrong, but it doesn’t stop them from potentially alienating fans. (People are too afraid of Chuck Norris to stop being a fan.)

  3. The Founding Fathers intended for an ‘Informed Electorate’ to vote as their conscience dictates. If you do not inform yourself about the issues and the candidates, then at best you are an apathetic citizen with no real measure or concern for the direction your country is heading. Too often people vote based on soundbites and catchy, populist phrases (Yes, We Can!/Si, Su Puedo!) If you are so uninformed to not understand the consequences of your vote, then you really have no business checking the box on the ballot.
    There is no ‘right’ to vote; it is a privilege each of us must defend with our own knowledge and research. I don’t care who or what you vote for, as long as you educate yourself beforehand, and understand and agree with what and who you vote for.

    • Actually, since it’s defined in the Constitution, it is a right, not a privilege. Owning a gun is a right, hunting is a privilege. Owning a home is a privilege, having it protected against unwarranted searches is a right.

      The Constitution isn’t that long people. Take a moment to read it and be informed voters. You’ll also discover odd facts about our government: Like how it’s Congress, not the President who is responsible for the federal budget (taxes, spending, and deficits).

      Damn…now I’ve gone all political. *Sigh* Time to go watch cat videos to balance this out.

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