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Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney

Bureau 42’s official position on all things political is that it is up to the individual voter to do his or her own research, choose the candidate the best fits the individual’s personal politics, and then get out to the polls and actually vote. We are not sharing this link as either an endorsement or indictment of Mr. Whedon’s politics. We are sharing this video because Mr. Whedon’s move back to movies rather than television means we get, on average, less new Whedon now than we have in the past, and that’s unfortunate.

Editorial – Thoughts on Harlan Ellison’s Lawsuit

Well, Sci-Fi’s “favorite” grumpy old man, Harlan Ellison is at it again – this time trying to stop the release of the film In Time because of alleged similarities to his short story “‘Repent Harlequin’, Said the Ticktockman”, and by stop the release, I mean have all copies of the film destroyed. A demand this ludicrous practically requires a video. Continue reading →

Anime – A FAQ for Parents

I have been approached by some parents on occasion with a fairly complicated question:

My kids are into anime and/or manga. What is it and what do I need to know so I can monitor what my kids are watching?”

The answer is complicated, and when I present it, it invariably provokes a lot of follow-up questions, so I’m going to present this as a sort of FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully this will clear up some of that confusion, and help parents make better decisions about their kids’ viewing material. Continue reading →


No, we’re not reviewing the Hollywood movie effects reel for Weekend Review. We’ve got an essay on the apocalyptic controversy that inspired it.

In 2012, London, England will host the Olympics, the world will observe the hundredth anniversaries of both the Titanic disaster and of Alan Turing’s birth, and, if we believe internet buzz and popular rumor, the world will end. The reason for the belief? An ancient Mayan calendar ends its count.

This isn’t the first time the Mayan “Long Count” Calendar has entered popular culture.

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Leslie Nielsen, Dead at Age 84

Few people can earn the title, “iconic” but Leslie Nielsen is absolutely one of those people.

Renowned for his spoof comedy roles, he actually started as a serious, dramatic actor in the 1950’s. Genre audiences knew him well for his role in the 1959 sci-fi classic, Forbidden Planet. But after his turn to comedy in 1980’s Airplane!, Nielsen became one of the world’s foremost deadpan actors. Not to mention his part in one of the most overused, but never unfunny, bits of dialogue.

Mr. Nielsen, you’ll be missed.

Speculative Fiction’s Best (and Worst) Politicians

It’s the first Tuesday in November, and for those of us in the States, that means Election Day!

If anyone else is living in a “Battleground State” like I am, you too are probably done with the whole affair. In an attempt to lift the mood here’s a list of the five best and five worst politicians and leaders in Science Fiction and Fantasy. While things could be better, they could also be a lot worse!.

BTW: Don’t find the political figure you think should make the list? Leave a comment and tell us why.

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San Diego Comic Con 2010 Journal

Yes, I realize that SDCC 2010 was last week. However, I kind of had a lot of stuff to do when I got home after the convention (I’ve only really finished unpacking just now), so now it’s time to get my notes together and let you know what happened during the con, based on my journal entries from the trip. This isn’t precisely going to be a “news” post – partially because it’s late, and partially the news stories from the con went up during the con, so you’ve probably already read them. Continue reading →