Bryan Singer signs on for X-Men II

The full story can be found here and here.

Pretty exciting stuff. Personally, I loved the first movie (DVD | VHS), and now we can expect more of the same, including rumors of Beast and Gambit joining the crew (based on Singer’s comments at Comic Con last year).

Any other characters you’d like to see in the next movie? Colossus? Nightcrawler?

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  1. Easter Eggs on the X-Men DVD

    For those of you that own the DVD (like your’s truly) there are easter eggs on the disc.

    For the uninitiated out there, easter eggs are items hidden in video games and DVDs, usually placed there as a joke by the programmers or production staff.

    To access the Spiderman Easter Egg:

    From the main menu select special features then select theatrical trailers then from trailer A press left on your remote to light up the flower and press select. This will prove that Spiderman does truly interact with the X-men world.

    To access sketches of the Beast and the Blob:

    From the special features screen select the art gallery and highlight main menu then press up and Wolverines dog tags will light up in the back ground this is conceptual art for the Beast and the Blob.

    Happy DVDing!

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