Arrow Discussion: “An Innocent Man”

No review this week, but we’re interested in hearing what you have to say. At least one person knows Ollie’s secret now, and his initial response is not positive.

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  1. Not sure how I feel about the ending. Seems too soon for that to have happened, but I suppose it was inevitable. Not sure how they’ll get out of that, but the “evidence” does seem a bit thin.

    Nothing much in the backstory this week, unfortunately. Probably the most interesting development is NewDaddy’s (can’t remember his name) discovery of the warehouse and its contents.

    • My gut says Dig will impersonate the Arrow and throw the official suspicion off of Oliver, though I guess the bigger question is whether Oliver’s identity will become an open secret among that group. The suckiness of his disguise seemed pretty blatant around Laurel (would a close friend really not recognize you if you were wearing a ski mask?) and if he keeps pulling that off it’s going to rival the absurdity of the Smallville concussions.

      • I get torn between “bad disguises that fool everyone have been around drama for centuries” and “why couldn’t they give him a real disguise?”

        However, I think some version of what you suggest will happen, and they’ll concoct some plot that convinces everyone that Ollie can’t possibly be the Arrow, just so they can eliminate that issue. And avoid multiple Concussions of Convenient Forgetfulness.

        • I guess the issue is that I think they could make the hood bigger, or have him keep to the shadows more, or even wear an eye mask (if that doesn’t stray too far from the comics). It’s just distracting to see him talking to someone ‘in disguise’ but having his face, more or less, plainly visible.

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