Okay, this one’s a promo for next weekend’s SFContario 3, in Toronto, Canada, with some nods to my appearances there. However, if that doesn’t interest you, click through for a lot of great video, including a Disney/Star Wars parody, an animated Axe-Cop, costumed con shenanigans, and some Doctor Who incarnations you might have missed.

Direct to you, the inevitable:

A parodic video examines what the Disney/Lucasfilm merger might mean:

They’re taking a swing at it:
A cartoon based on the online sensation, Axe-Cop:

The space occupied by the next president:

Discussion of Space Policies and the American Presidential Candidates:

You can’t keep a good man down:

The season sees many Zombie Walks. This is one:

A Hal of a Good Time:

More Hal-Con footage:

Is there a Doctor in the house?

This is hardly new, but I must confess, I didn’t know it existed:

As for the third SFContario, it features Author Guest of Honour Jo Walton and numerous other luminaries and Hugo-winners.

As for me, my schedule begins Friday night with a Galaxy of Improv or the Fan-Ger Games, the latest installment of my ongoing series of fan-friendly interactive improv workshops. I’m also on panels on the changing face of dystopia, Hat Cultures and Cosmic Stereotypes, and zombies.