releases 200 issues of OMNI

Those of you who aren’t young whippersnappers may remember an old science magazine called OMNI. The magazine featured a wide selection of science fiction stories from writers ranging from Issac Asmov to William Gibson, as well as a variety of articles about science and pseudo-science.

Well, The Internet Archive has released scans of OMNI’s first 200 issues for free, which can be found here.

5 replies on “ releases 200 issues of OMNI”

  1. I remember Omni fondly. It was published by the same people who did Penthouse and we used to call it “Science Porn.” Of course, the magazine was just Science / Tech / Often great SF / PseudoFringe in a glossy package, but the label somehow fit. It just couldn’t survive the ‘Net, though they put out an online version for awhile in the 1990s.

  2. This is seriously awesome! Now, what we need is a crowd of people who will take the poorly scanned originals, and clean up the *VERY POORLY* OCR’d epubs.

    • Also seriously awesome– a new Tara Li post! (the rest of you are awesome, too).

      Anyone have November 6, 2012 for the next Tara Li post in the office pool?

      • As it happens – I had that date. One of my male appendage puppets will be by to collect it soon.

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