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Bezos in Space: Blue Origin launches New Shepard July 20

Another magnate will soar into space this month. Jeff Bezos, best known as the founder of Amazon, will launch July 20 on board a crewed New Shepard, built by his company, Blue Origin. The passengers will include Oliver Daemen (18) and former “Mercury Thirteen” candidate Wally Funk (82), who will become, respectively, the youngest and oldest people in space to date.

Details below.

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Newspace: The Moon

Lunar exploration has been in the news lately, with China’s Chang’e-5 capsule returning with rock samples, and ambitious American plans to send Artemis II around our moon (with the first ever Canadian on the mission) in 2023. If successful, it will represent the first time since the final Apollo mission that humans will fly so far from home. Artemis III is even more ambitious: humanity will return to the lunar surface.

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