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Newspace: The Moon

Lunar exploration has been in the news lately, with China’s Chang’e-5 capsule returning with rock samples, and ambitious American plans to send Artemis II around our moon (with the first ever Canadian on the mission) in 2023. If successful, it will represent the first time since the final Apollo mission that humans will fly so far from home. Artemis III is even more ambitious: humanity will return to the lunar surface.

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Disney details its new MCU Park

Disney will be opening a new MCU themed land at its California park in 2020, and others will follow in other countries. While the fact of the park has been known for some time, specific details were announced at the D23 Expo that runs this weekend. The Avengers will have to miss Walter Disney World in Florida, however, since Marvel sold the rights to using most of its characters in theme parks to Universal back in the 1990s.

However, regardless of what decision gets made regarding movie rights, Spider-man will be able to swing around the California park– Disney/Marvel has full park/character rights on the side of the continent.

I hope its less confusing negotiating one’s way around the actual park.

What do you think of their plans? And what would go in your Marvel Park?

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Newspace: SpaceX, Scooby-Doo, and More!

A SpaceX Dragon Capsule docked with the International Space Station, hopefully inaugurating an era when the west can continue its space business without relying on certain problematic countries. The test flight carried no people, only a dummy named, believe it or not, Ripley.

In nerd entertainment news, the year 2020 will not only give us the next Halloween to fall on a Saturday with a full moon1, it will see a new, animated Scooby-Doo movie, with some notable names doing voices. Mystery, Inc. will join forces with other Hanna-Barbera characters to stop…. Dick Dastardly?

Well, this could be interesting.

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