DC/WB’s breakout show fires off a somewhat weaker entry this time around, as Ollie plots to shake suspicion from himself. We do, however, learn more of his tortuous origins, we see the complexity of his plans, and we get a glimpse of Deathstroke.

Title: “Damaged”

Cast and Crew
Director: Michael Schultz
Writers: Wendy Mericle, Ben Sokolowski

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Green arrow
Katie Cassidy as Dinah “Laurel” Lance
David Ramsay as John “Dig” Diggle
Willa Holland as Thea “Speedy” Queen
Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance
Colin Salmon as Walter Steele
Roger Cross as Hilton
Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen
Annie Ilonzeh as Joanna
Christie Laing as Carly Diggle
John Barrowman as Well-Dressed Man
Jeffrey C. Robinson as Deathstroke
Byron Mann as Yao Fei
Jason Bempong as Gang Leader

Full cast and crew information may be found here.


Ollie’s arrest is part of an elaborate plot to throw suspicion away from him. And speaking of elaborate plots, this episode reveals a little more about the Arrow’s origins on that island.

High Points

The few scenes of heroics were well-handled. In terms of acting, Ramsay’s Diggle makes a more interesting hero, frankly, than the lead. Of course, Ollie’s developing backstory could make him a far more complex character, if the writers don’t get Lost in the various plots, and Amell rises to the challenge.

Glad to see Deathstroke. I hope the original, idiotic explanation for his abilities gets casually left out of the series.

Low Point

So, Oliver stages an event that will lead to his arrest, throws a party so he’ll have witnesses, sends someone out to play the Arrow (because the police apparently know for certain there’s only one hooded vigilante, and they also have concluded a millionaire couldn’t hire someone to impersonate him), and then immediately has all charges dropped. The lead detective personally unlocks his electronic bracelet.

It’s a good thing Ollie’s ruse staged to throw attention away from himself doesn’t look exactly like a ruse staged to throw attention away from himself.

The Scores:

Originality: 2/6 Finding Ninjas instead of Pirates on a deserted island shows some originality.

Effects: 5/6. The effects generally look good, though the establishing shot of the island obviously involved CGI.

Story: 4/6 I found the plot flawed, though the backstory shows the potential for Ollie to reveal greater depth than previously shown.

Acting: 4/6 This ep had a lot more of the soap opera than usual, a little more Lost.

In total, “Damaged” receives 28/42


Do any of the regular viewers want to write future “guest” reviews? The show has a strong following, and might be ideal for occasional guests, who may have a different perspective to share.