Charmed Discussion – “Lucky Charmed” (new)

Pat Benetar guest stars. I wonder if she’s a better actress than the regular cast.

2 replies on “Charmed Discussion – “Lucky Charmed” (new)”

  1. bad timing
    Shouldn’t they have aired the leprechaun show around, say, st-patrick’s day?

    Bah…a bunch of midgets…there’s no way that won’t be entertaining : )

  2. Helllllllooooooo low cut
    So technically she was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.

    But I’m happy.
    My god…the stiches…
    ;- )

    And what’s with all the midgets? There’s an ad for Boston Public where mini Dr Evil is apparently dating the fat black woman. Is that “ripped from the headlines” or “controversial”?
    Or just funny to picture in your head? : )

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