BSG: Blood and Chrome Episodes 1 & 2

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Episode One

Episode Two

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  1. Finally had a chance to watch it. Not a bad start, but then again, we’re only getting the first 20 minutes of a pilot episode. The use of virtual sets is pretty cool and the “new” Galactica is really nice.

    What’s tired (already) are the cliched archetypes. The cocky pilot fresh out of the academy, the war-weary (I’ve got one month until retirement) veteran, and the hard-as-nails commander have been done to death. Hopefully they’ll flip that around and soon.

    Favorite line: “You lookin’ for some action? There’s the girl that’s gonna give it to you.”

    And bonus fun: Was that (future) Adm. Cain in the showers?

    • I wouldn’t hold out too much hope on the archetypes. I’d like to think that would have happened during the course of the series, but since all we are going to get to see is the pilot episode I doubt there is going to be much in the way of adding depth to any of the characters.

      Kind of a shame, because we’re already seeing some interesting hooks into both Caprica and Galactica, and as a series it had a lot of potential to go to some interesting places too.

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