If Galactus Had a Blog…

Gail Simone (writer of comedic comics like Gus Beezer and Deadpool) has written a hypothetical blog for Galactus. If you’ve read Marvel comics with the character, you’ll almost certainly laugh at this.

3 replies on “If Galactus Had a Blog…”

  1. Holee crap
    I don’t know what’s funnier: the chat between Galactus and Uatu, Galactus’ Dr. Phil obsession, or this comment:

    G-lactgroovyguy: Your garments seem to contain an admirable storage capacity, K-Stud.

    But I absolutely have to agree with his final thought: Uatu can be a real DICK sometimes.

    I’m still not the least bit interested in Gus Beezer, but I am looking forward to Gail taking over Birds of Prey. I knew little about her prior to this but I like what I see. Anyone who can make me nearly choke with laughter over Galactus…

  2. You Know You’re a Geek When…
    you laugh uproariously at Galactus’ blog. Gracias, indeed. :)

  3. What else is in KStuds pants?
    lol how do you find this stuff (rhetorical question) that was definitly something worth reading and pretty damn funny. It just says what we’ve all been thinking…sort of. Regardless of any stupid statements i have just made i would like to say that everyone needs to read the blog as a great way to kill time enjoyably.

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