A review of a different color. While Fiziko is out for the next week or so, I’m reviewing Smallville. While we’re at it, let’s throw caution to the wind and see what my wife thinks of her very first exposure to the show.


Tom Welling as
Clark Kent
Kristen Kreuk as
Lana Lang
as Lex Luthor
John Glover
as Lionel Luthor
Sam Jones III as
Pete Ross
Allison Mack as
Chloe Sullivan
as Martha Kent
as Jonathan Kent

Story by Todd
and Darren
Teleplay by Brian Wayne
and Kelly Sounders.
Directed by James

Original Airdate

originally aired on Tuesday,
May 6, 2003.


First, I’d like to give you the premise of this review. I got married just over a month ago to a wonderful woman. One of
the wonderful things about her is that she not only tolerates my love of sci-fi and fantasy, but she’s picked up a healthy
dose of it herself. I would still, however, consider a casual fan. As such, I thought it might be interesting to get her
perspective on this show at the same time as mine. So we’ll get two reviews, two scores tonight. I hope you enjoy. (This isn’t
going to be something we do often, but I thought it might be fun).

The episode: Lana Lang’s seeing ghosts. Clark sets out to exorcise them somehow – or prove they don’t exist.

High Point

Sabrina’s: “OH MY GOD! BO DUKE! I HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW EVERY WEEK NOW!” (apparently Clark’s father is played by the same guy who
played Bo Duke on the Duke’s of Hazzard [yep. the high point occurred in the opening credits])

Chris’s: I’m torn between the scene in the rain where Clark moves at super speed and the scene with Lana in the barn…that one
sort of revisited some things Sabrina and I have gone through…but not in a bad way.

Low Point

Sabrina’s: I didn’t like the ending. The father losing his daughter didn’t sit well.

Chris’s: The too-obvious (and too fast) x-files-esque removal of the lab. Just seemed unnecessary to bring the police into it.

The Review

Sabrina: I didn’t think there really was much originality to it. The ghosts in the theater and cloning bit. Been there, done that

Chris: Actually, I was initially going to give this a higher score for originality, but Sabrina’s got a really good point. On the other h
bit of a new direction (from what I understand) for the show. Just to be different, I’ll give originality a 4 out of 6.

Sabrina: The effects were decent, and relatively well used. I’ll give effects a 4 out of 6.

Chris: I was impressed with the effects. They’re significantly above the level of effects I’ve seen on TV before (WAY above what I’m
used to on Charmed). Since I’m new to the show I can’t say I’ve seen them often. I’ll give effects a 5 out of 6.

Sabrina: It was a good plot. I liked the overall story, it didn’t jump too often, but flowed well. The way they handled continuing
story threads doesn’t hurt a new viewer much. Story gets a 5 out of 6.

Chris: I agree on both counts – I especially liked how nearly every other scene was an “oh REALLY” scene for about the first half
of the show. I was really interested in just WHAT they were getting into here. On the other hand, the last half of the ep. really
dragged in places. I got tired of the “Lana is crazy” type scenes once they’d established that no, she wasn’t. I also felt that the
“story arc” threads didn’t really detract from the overall show (for a new viewer) but rather helped to place this in a non-episodic
world. (There are a lot of shows that I wonder “just what do they do while they’re waiting for these major events to occur”, and
the writing on this show does a lot to explain exactly that.) I give the story a 5 out of 6 as well.

Sabrina: John Schneider’s (Jonathan Kent) still got it. Makes me a happy camper. John Glover plays evil well. In terms of the Father to
interaction, the elder Luther’s mannerisms definately give light to Lex’s future “divinity” into the corporate world of evil within Metrop
Acting gets a 5 out of 6.

Chris: While I don’t hold a special place in my heart for Bo Duke, I do think he’s a good actor. John Glover, however, is one of
the people that will keep me watching this show. He epitomizes evil. Some of the supporting cast was a little weak – Lana especially
had a few problems – but on the whole they were quite good. Better than your average sci-fi tv show. I’ll give acting a 5 out of

Sabrina: The only emotional response for me throughout the show was Lana’s & Clark’s scene in the barn when she tells him how she feels
about her being afraid that he won’t find her perfect. Personal experiences within the past few months just shed more light on me from
this scene and I think conveyed more clearly how I feel in certain aspects of my relationship with my husband! Thanks Smallville!!
Emotional Response 6 out of 6

Chris: I was wrapped up in the early part of the show very intensely, and I was very interested in what the characters were going
to do to handle it. And then it all fell apart. Mostly this was a flow problem, but it really lost me emotionally. And then the now
famous (in this review) barn scene. Yah. Got me by the throat. Can’t quite get over that flow issue though. emotional response
gets a 5 out of 6.

Sabrina: No hidden mikes coming out of the walls or grip boys wanting to make special apperances in Lana’s bedroom!! Kudos to the
production team on a job well done!!! Production 6 out of 6

Chris: Okay. I’m impressed. Sci-fi normally doesn’t have production this good, so I’m happy. Nothing to make me stand up and
say “WOW! THAT WAS AMAZING PRODUCTION!” (I’ll know it when I see it, okay?) so production gets a 5 out of 6.

Sabrina: This was a well written, well acted, well thoughtout show!! Having this been my first episode, I would have to say it was a
good experience. This was probably one of the best plot lines I’ve seen in a sci-fi based series in a long time…I give props to the
writers of this show!!! You receive my golden pen award for this :) Overall 5 out of 6

Chris: I was impressed. While not something that’ll drag me back to the screen, I wouldn’t avoid it. And if I were home, flipping
through the channels, I’d likely pick this to watch at 9. Probably the best tv on a Tuesday night (Though tonight I would have rather
been watching the X-men movie on FX). Overall, I give this episode a 4 out of 6.

In total,

34 out of 42 from Sabrina,
33 out of 42 from Chris (Hitch).