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SOPA & PIPA & the end of the Internet as we know it

Today is, apparently, the day for protesting the SOPA and PIPA legislation that are wending their way through the US legislation like a pig through the digestive system of a python. (Yes, we know SOPA has been taken off the table for now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t come back, and it would be wishful thinking to belive we’d seen the last of it.)

Since the Bureau is primarily in the business of dissemination of information we’re all very much against such legislation and, while we haven’t actually blacked out our own site (it’s plenty black already, amiright?) we’d like to point out some of the better SOPA/PIPA protests we’ve come across today.

Please add your own examples in the comments. We’ll edit the original article to include any particularly good ones (giving credit where credit is due, of course).*

Something Positive
Questionable Content
Extra Credits
Google Home Page

Fringe Discussion: “Wallflower”

While Olivia copes with migraines, she and her team investigate an invisible force which kills its victims and causes the body to turn a ghostly white. As they trace the pattern of deaths, the Fringe team realizes that the force is linked to someone who died of an unknown genetic disorder.

Grimm Discussion: “Beeware”

Still out of town;
Meanwhile, Nick discovers more about his family’s history while working on a case involving a flash mob gone horribly wrong. Nick and Hank find themselves at odds when they are both assigned to protect a shady person from their dark past.

Grimm Discussion: “Bears Will Be Bears”

While I’m hoping to start reviewing Grimm (the pilot has me very interested) I’m out of town this week and won’t be catching it until later. So if anyone else was as intrigued as I was, here’s a discussion post.
This week, “Nick and Hank investigate a case of breaking-and-entering, which introduces them to a family’s barbaric history. Nick asks Monroe to look after Aunt Marie”


This review may be a bit late – heck, I wasn’t even planning to see it – but I’d heard good things, and I’m glad I went. Consider this your nudge to not miss this one. (Note: I did not see this in IMAX. If I have the chance on a second viewing, I’d do so.)
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