Variety Says Angel Renewed – Spike In, Cordelia Out

Anonymous Coward writes, Aint-It-Cool-News is relaying that Variety reports that WB has renewed Angel. Reports are that James Marsters is joining the cast as Spike, Charisma Carpenter is leaving. (A check of Variety’s web site confirms the renewal and that Marsters in joining the cast. Alas, the rest of the story is Subscribers Only.) This was mentioned in the ABC lineup article, but it’s worth pointing out to those not interested in that network (or NBC for that matter, whose actual announcement was made and linked to.)

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  1. Good news and bad news…
    On the one hand, I’ve really, really enjoyed the last bunch of Angel eps sans Cordelia and I ain’t too sad to see her go. No more forced love story between her and Angel, no more run-into-the-ground characterization, no more Cordy!

    On the other hand, Spike is the one cast member from Buffy I least wanted to see make the move to Angel, with the exception of Buffy herself. I used to like Spike, about five seasons ago. But TPTB have made him an utterly uninteresting and completely revolting character while at the same time shoving him down our throats and trying their damnedest to make us like him. He is a cold-blooded killer, a rapist, a thug, and a self-centered bastard who, despite the dubious addition of a soul, shows absolutely no signs of remorse or any intention of even trying to redeem himself. Some people are evil even with a soul, and Spike definitely qualifies, in spite of Buffy’s naive insistence to the contrary. All of his shmoopy “I love you, Buffy, I really do” bullshit has clogged the plots of the show for two years now, shoving aside just about everything else in favor of Marti Noxon’s Bad Boy obsession and rape fantasies. The only person who disgusts me as much as, or even more, than Spike is that self-centered bitch Buffy. Gah, I was so hoping they’d both die in the finale.

    • Re: Good news and bad news…
      Although I agree with you that Spikes becoming less interesting these last seasons, I loved him when he was a chipped vamp, though.

      My point, however, is that Angel (the series) has a tendency to change persons. Remember Cordy when she was on Buffy?

      I hope they change Spike back to a sarcastic, evil bastard again.

  2. another article already on the site
    there’s another article on this already posted on the site in the body of ABCs lineup article.

    • Re: another article already on the site

      I dunno i thought Spike was pretty cool and i also think hes one of the phew people who can add to Angel insted of take away from it. It’s gonna be interesting to see how heinterplays with Angel especially after all their history together. Look forward to the eventual loss of his soul or better yet him and Angel both would lose their souls. Ah endless posibilities.

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